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Welcome to Västerdalarnas Flygklubb, and one of the best gliding areas in Sweden. VFK is situated in Dala-Järna, about 60 km W of Borlänge, the place for the World Gliding Championships in 1993.

Here you can make serious attempts to break a record at 100-1000 km.

This is the place where the first 1000 km flights in Sweden were made and almost all 1000 km flights that have been done in Sweden are all done in this area. The French national team stayed here during their training for the WGC in Borlänge in 1993, they made an attempt to fly 1000 km and two of the pilots, Gerhard Lherm and Marc Shroeder, succeeded.

Pilots from our club regularly fly tasks longer than 500 km and several tasks over 1000 km have been made so it's not necessary to be a French top-pilot to make long tasks, even if it makes it easier......

Even though you are not planning a distance flight, we are sure that you will enjoy the clear air and the beautiful view of our landscape.  You will also find a lot to do on the ground as well. Take a look at Visitdalarna and you will find activities for your whole family.

Some facts:

  • AIRSPACE: Is almost unrestricted, class G, with a big area for cloud flying up to 5900 m (FL 195)
    Guide to Swedish airspace.
  • NAVIGATION: There are many characteristic lakes and a river easy to recognize.
  • WEATHER: From April to late August we have strong thermals and high cloud base. Almost every gliding day the cloud base is 1500-3000 m.
  • OUTLANDINGS: Suitable fields surround the villages along the river.
  • TOWING: - Every weekend the year around - Every evening the year around - Every day in July - Other days on request
    We are towing with Pawnee.
  • AIRFIELD: Asphalted 900 x 24 meters illuminated, grassfields 1000 x 45 and 1200 x 60 meters.
  • CLUBHOUSE: In the clubhouse we have a fully equipped kitchen, toilet, TV-set, radio, telephone and WiFi. Outside is a sand-pit and a swing for the children. In the community you'll find all sorts of distraction.
  • ACOMMODATION: At the airfield we have three huts with four beds in each, there is also a camping if the cottages are taken. A small service building with shower, WC and small kitchen for camping guests.
  • GLIDERS: If you wish to rent a club glider, the same conditions apply as for members.Today we fly DG500, HpH 304C, Discus b and Ls 6. Private own gliders: Nimbus 3, Ventus cM, SZD 59 Acro, Ls 3, Pilatus B4


Pos 603324 N 142248 E
1 NM / 1,9 KM from Dala-Järna k:a
773 FT / 236 M Elev above mean sea level
Radio 123.35 MHz

For further information please contact:

Västerdalarnas Flygklubb
Flygfältsvägen 18

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Telephone: +46-281-20382